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With millions of websites being created each day how can your website derive the paying customers you need to survive in today's economic times? Is your website beautiful but without much traffic and without the monetary return you had hoped for? The answer is Search Engine Optimization.

Internet Domination Strategies (IDS) is in business to help drive customers to your company website. Hi, I'm Alex Gilmore, and I have all the cutting edge strategies in order for your website to gain a distinct advantage as the internet search paradigm continues to change. From its inception, IDS was designed to provide expert services for the Internet Marketing Field.

Website Packages Starting At $799.99

Search Engine Optimization Packages as Little as $399.99

Services Include:

There is very good reason why companies are experiencing problems with their ranking and with decreasing traffic to their site. Web designers that are not internet marketers want "The Information Highway" to be "The Entertainment Highway."  With simply an artistic expression of their talents your business is short changed all the way around. Do not get me wrong, websites need to look good but not at the cost of thousands of dollars to a graphic designer when the website itself under performs because all the background strategies are not programmed into each page. Searchers need information, quality, and accurate content. Above all else and for the transaction your company requires the searcher must be channeled to your site. Remember, the website that meets these needs is the last site they visit and the one that gets the lead.

Since your money is at stake here and multiplying your investment is what it's all about, the decision to build a website needs to be executed in a thoughtful and proactive manner. The person who undertakes the project must have personal integrity and a track record beyond reproach – able to finish the project on time and within budget. I am proud of my years of experience as a website marketing leader and a cutting edge entrepreneur in this challenging and rewarding field. 

I can help direct traffic to your website. Intrigued? Please contact me, Alex Gilmore, by phone or by using my contact form or call 830-358-8877.

Internet Domination Strategies is a company, from its inception, designed to provide expert services for the Internet Marketing Field. Below is a presentation that I was the third speaker after the VP of Marketing of Ingram Micro and Avaya at Dreamforce 2010. Please fast forward approximately 27 minutes to get to my part.

342 Starling Creek
New Braunfels Texas 78130